Sesame Seed Market Update

Sumit Guha - Commercial Director | Wed 23 Jan 2019

Sesame Seed Market Update

The anticipated Korean tender for 6000 mt Natural Sesame seeds was awarded entirely to India. As a result, prices in India have remained firm. This is expected to continue , with occasional market corrections,until March at least. The Indian Sesame crop during the current crop year is, to begin with, 60 - 70% less than normal at around 50,000 mt. There is a short spring crop in March/ April to look out for. This will be followed by a larger summer crop. However, the second half of the year is also the time of peak demand going into the festival seasons.


Pakistan sesame crop is typically 25% of the size of the the Indian crop. When prices are high in India Pakistan tends to follow but with a lag. However, as it was seen in the past, when Indian prices fall rapidly prices in Pakistan prices do not follow as they are constrained by capacities which are not in slack.


Edible Solutions is in a position to offer full container loads of Indian and Pakistani Hulled and Natural Sesame seeds and also pallet loads ex UK store. Please enquiry for offers.


We would also be interested in talking to customers who would like to source pasteurised ( steam sterilised) sesame.